Land Preparation

Excellent site preparation for revegetation, landcare and tree crop projects is essential. Deep ripping eliminates the need for summer watering and allows the roots to penetrate the sub soil unhindered.

Mounding elevates the trees from possible waterlogging and concentrates the topsoils as many trees are lost through waterlogging. Mounding also concentrates topsoils within the planting zone.

Weed control

Plantation and Landcare Services is registered commercial spray contractor with the Government of WA. Dept. of Health. With over 28 years experience throughout WA specialising in weed control operations. This involves specific weed identification and weed control options and methods that are efficient and effective.

Effective weed control prior to planting is essential to maximise your survival rates. Before each project a weed identification/spectrum report is established. From this, a weed management schedule can be dovetailed into other operations.

Prior to site preparation: Spraying the planting zones prior to site preparation is crucial especially if there are evasive weeds/grass’s such as couch and kikuyu. This prevents the actively growing weeds being incorporated with future site preparation operations.

Prior to planting: After further germination the planting zones are re sprayed. A mix of a knockdown and residual ensures the planting zone is free from weeds throughout the initial summer.

Maintenance spraying: Periodic inspections will ensure that if there is re germination the correct selective weed control /chemical is used. Depending on the weed spectrum selective chemicals can be sprayed over native trees and shrubs.

Firebreaks: These are usually sprayed mid-winter before the spring flush to reduce the build-up of weed matter.

Insect control: Some sites require monitoring for insects that can destroy newly planted native trees and shrubs. This is especially so on light soils ie. Grasshoppers.

PALS can implement an effective insect control program that has minimal impact on the environment.