Carbon Farming

Carbon contracting services

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Carbon Farming

Carbon contracting services

PALS is at the forefront of the carbon industry.

The company works with a diverse range of businesses and industries and provides a comprehensive service to help clients meet their decarbonisation targets.

Trees sequester carbon. They can be integrated into the landscape through bio diverse planting as part of farm landcare or large-scale plantations. Careful site selection, planning and implementation will ensure clients meet their sequestration goals.

PALS works with clients across the Western Australian Wheatbelt, generating Australian Carbon Credit Units (ACCUs).

Careful planning enables planting programs to help mitigate landcare issues like salinity and wind erosion or the creation of large-scale catchment plantations.

Clients include:

  • Energy companies – oil and gas, mining and resources;
  • Private farm owners and agricultural managers;
  • Carbon consultants; and
  • Accountants looking for a vehicle to help their clients achieve net zero emissions.

PALS carbon services:


  • Assessment and mapping of soil types
  • Identification of the right tree and shrub species for the site, as the correct species maximises the ACCUs over the 25-year period of the project
  • Assistance with the submission of the project to the Clean Energy Regulator (CER)
  • Project cost estimates and budget development
  • Delivery programmes

Site preparation for carbon planting needs to be accurate. Tractors fitted with GPS self-steer technology ensures that all rows are spaced precisely.

Scalping ensures a weed free zone around the trees. This area creates a catchment to harvest the rainfall and the scalp removes some of the non-wetting soils from the planting zone.


  • Seed collection
  • Propagation and overseeing the supply of quality seedlings from accredited nurseries;

    • Site preparation. PALS will plan and initiate the preparation of the site including scalping, ripping and mounding. Self-steer machinery is GPS compliant, ensuring the preparation works are accurate;
    • Weed control. PALS is an accredited spray contractor. Capabilities include weed identification, strategic weed control programs, herbicide selection and control. Success monitoring once weeds are eradicated;
    • Planting by hand or machine with personnel trained in the safe planting procedures and plant hygiene;

A trained labour forced ensures all trees are planted deeply, vertical and at the correct spacing.

PALS’ planting team take time out for a meal break.

Monitoring and maintenance

  • Monitoring with the establishment of Permanent Sample Plots (PSP)

  • Annual inspections and reports,enhancement programs, in-fill regimes and practical advice to ensure optimal project hygiene and growth; and

  • Assistance with compliance reporting in accordance with CER regulations

Maintenance programs can include:

  • Supply and install of seed and plant species for in-fill zones

  • Pest control strategies against insect damage

  • Herbicide regime for broad scale application

  • Fire suppression strategies

Diverse, quality seedlings are crucial. Seedling handling and hygiene is paramount to ensure tree are given the best chance of survival.