Plantation and Landcare Services P/L (PALS) specialises in revegetation for the mining, civil and private landholders, as well as landcare for both broadacre and small land holdings  together with specialised landscaping and broadacre plantation contract planting and management. Although based in Perth PALS specialised in low rainfall revegetation projects

With over 30 years experience working along side landholders, civil contractors, investors and developers his hands-on approach, knowledge of broadacre farming and friendly, relaxed manner, results in good client communications. Bill hands on approach and always works directly with all clients from the inception to completion of all projects

The results are tree planting and revegetation projects that are tailored to client requirements to optimise the objectives both shirt and long term.

Bill’s company aims to complete work with minimum fuss and follows through with back up services after the work has been completed. This comprehensive commitment to good service is why PALS has become one of the leading landcare contractors in WA.

Revegetation Services

Comprehensive contract services across Western Australia for your civil infrastructure, land development and mining revegetation and landcare projects.Draw on PALS 30 years of experience and practical solutions to all your revegetation requirements

Landcare Services

Practical approach to all landcare issues on farms ensure solutions for dryland salinity, erosion, and fodder projects are implemented with view that ‘they must integrate into the individual landholders operations and paddock management – “right tree in the wrong place is a weed

Landscaping Service

Design approach with emphasis on waterwise native trees and shrubs together with low long term maintenance designing ensures their projects survive well after hand over to council. Formula of the correct specie selection for the soil types and emphasis on scheduling the works that dovetail not only the . civil works but the marketing of the lots/project

Tree crop Investment

Investment in plantations is a long term commitment. Contract tree crop establishment and on going management is crucial to maximising your returns. PALS will work directly with individuals and syndicates from the evaluation of land to the marketing and harvesting of your crop