Our NGIWA (Nursery and Garden Industry West Australia)  accredited nurseries grow a wide range of quality seedlings suitable for most soil types and conditions across WA. Trees are available from mid-May (Our nurseries and can grow to client specifications and quantities. PALS has specially designed tree trailers and utes to carry over 40,000

Species List

Acacia Acuminata (Jam Wattle)- Evergreen small tree with attractive foliage. Good drainage is essential. Very versatile for landcare work. The main mother tree (host) for Sandalwood. Drought and frost resistant and salt soil tolerant. Deep yellow rod flowers in spring.

Acacia Melanoxylon (Blackwood)- Fast growing tree from mainland eastern Australia and Tasmania. Suited for wet areas. The dark timber is strong and close grained and is highly valued for cabinetwork. Pale yellow flowers from late winter to early spring.

Acacia Microbotrya (Manna Wattle)- Excellent shrub or small tree to 5 metres. Recommend for use in loam and duplex soils. Tolerates dryness and lime usually frost resistant. Yellow flowers from autumn to spring.

Acacia Pycantha (Golden Wattle)- Evergreen small tree with deep green foliage. Suitable for most soil types. Tolerates dryness, lime, salt soils and smog. Frost tender when young. Deep golden flowers in spring.

Acacia Saligna (Golden Wreath Wattle)- Native to the southwest of Western Australia. This fast-growing, adaptable tree can tolerate quite dry conditions and does best in winter rainfall areas. Ideal windbreak. Golden yellow flower balls from late winter to early spring.

Agonis Flexuosa (W.A. Peppermint)- Occurs in coastal areas in south west of Western Australia. Evergreen ornamental small-medium tree of semi weeping habit. Suitable for most soil types. Tolerates dryness, lime, coastal exposure and smog. It bears attractive white flowers resembling those of the tea-tree which appear during spring. Peppermint scent from the leaves.

Agonis Juniperina (Juniper Myrtle)- Fast growing small ornamental tree with a narrow upright habit. Suitable for most types of soils. Prefers some shade. Drooping foliage with small aromatic leaves and small white flowers over a long period. Suitable for windbreaks.

Agonis Linerifolia(Swamp Peppermint)- Fast growing upright bushy shrub with small narrow aromatic leaves and small white flowers in spring and summer. Can be grown in full sun or semi-shade and can withstand periods of waterlogging. Suitable to grow in loam and clay soils Useful plant for screening or windbreak use.

Callistemon Citrinus(Crimson Bottlebrush)- Large shrub or small tree with dense foliage massed with crimson bottlebrush flowers in spring and summer which attract nectar birds and butterflies. Will grow in almost any soil type or situation. Doing best in partial or full sun. Withstands water logging. Tolerates dryness, lime, salt soils and sog usually.

Callistemon Phoeniceus(Lesser Bottlebrush)- Evergreen tall shrub with grey-green foilage and bright red flowers which appear in spring and summer. Tolerates damp conditions, salt and wind. Suitable in any soil type. Usually frost resistant.

Callistemon Salignus (Willow Bottlebrush)- Evergreen small to medium tree which is found in low lying river flats and creek banks. Has attractive foliage and white bottlebrush flowers in late spring and sometimes in autumn. Suitable for most soil types. A good coastal tree. Frost tender when young.

Callistemon Viminalis (Weeping Bottlebrush)- A small evergreen tree with furrowed bark and weeping habit, narrow long leaves and rich red bottlebrush flowers in spring and summer. Good water absorber. Tolerates lime, salt soils and smog. Frost tender when young.

Casuarina Cunninghamiana (River Sheoak)- Tall evergreen tree, dense shady crown suitable windbreak. Suitable for most soil types. Tolerates wetness, dryness, lime, salt soils, smog and frost.

Casuarina Glauca (Swamp Sheoak)- Tall evergreen tree with weeping dark green foliage often with a waxy coating. Makes an excellent soil or soil binder in wet salty conditions. Also withstands quite dry conditions and forms a good windbreak.

Corymbia Calophylla(Marri, Red Gum)- Relatively short trunk with spreading crown. Thick rough bark. Shiny smooth dark green leaves. Mass of cream flowers in summer. 

Corymbia Ficifolia(Red Flowering Gum)- A small tree with rough grey brown bark and a dense crown with broad dark green leaves. Bright pink to red to orange flowers appear in clusters from summer to autumn

Eucalyptus Accedens (Powderbark Wandoo)- Small to medium tree often occurring on lateritic breakaways or stony ridges. Bark smooth pinkish white, very powdery. White flowers from December to April.

Eucalyptus Astringens (Brown Mallet)- Long slender trunk with smooth light brown bark and a dense crown. The leaves are dark glossy green and curved. Yellow flowers appear during spring. Good timber tree used mainly for tool handles.

Eucalyptus Botryoides (Southern Mahogany)- Distinct trunk with rough fibrous bark. A spreading crown with dark green glossy leaves. The cream flowers appear in summer. Good for waterlogged and high rainfall sites.

Eucalyptus Caesia (Silver Princess)- Often multi steamed with red flaky bark, sparse spreading crown, blue grey, long, narrow leaves and powdery white fruits and buds. Pink and red flowers in spring.

Eucalyptus Camaldulensis-Hindmarsh(River Red Gum)- Generally a short, thick trunked tree with a heavy crown although some forms are more upright with a longer trunk. Leaves are generally grey blue green. White flowers in summer.

Eucalyptus Camaldulensis-Silverton (River Red Gum) Large tree associated with salinity projects, (mild tolerance)  a short, thick trunked tree with a heavy crown although some forms are more upright with a longer trunk. Leaves are generally grey blue green. White flowers in summer

Eucalyptus Citriodora(Lemon-Scented Gum)- A medium to tall tree with long slim smooth white grey trunk and spreading drooping crown of long narrow lemon scented leaves. White flowers from winter to spring.

Eucalyptus Cladocalyx(Sugar Gum)- A medium tree with smooth patchy off white, yellow and blue grey bark. Has an erect crown and small white flowers in summer.

Eucalyptus Cornuta(Yate)- An erect tree, sometimes multi stemmed, usually with distinct trunk, pale rough bark and spreading crown with blue green leaves. Yellow flowers in summer.

Eucalyptus Diversicolor(Karri)- A tall tree with smooth bronze or yellow white bark and a narrow crown. Creme yellow flowers appear in summer. Very good timber tree.

Eucalyptus Erythrocorys(Illyarrie)- A small tree with smooth white bark and sparse straggly crown with light green leaves. The flower buds are bright red and flowers are bright yellow.

Eucalyptus Eximia(Yellow Bloodwood)- Yellow Bloodwood. A small tree with a dense canopy and large bluish adult leaves. Covered in showy creamy flowers in spring. For well drained acidic soils. Frost protect when young.

Eucalyptus Globulus (Tasmanian Blue Gum)- A tall tree with smooth creamy grey brown bark shedding in strips and an erect crown. White flowers from spring to summer. Needs deep soils and adequate water.

Eucalyptus Gomphocephala (Tuart)- A tall tree with rough light to dark grey bark and an erect crown with dark green leaves. Yellow flowers in autumn.

Eucalyptus Grandis (Rose Gum)- A tall tree with a trunk of white bark above a base of rough grey bark. An erect open crown.

Eucalyptus Horistes- A rough barked mallee with blue/grey glossy foliage. Good species for revegetating or as a windbreak. Flowers cream or yellow occur in summer. It is closely related to Euc. Kochii.

Eucalyptus Kochii- Usually multi stemmed with rough grey brown bark and an erect crown. Green white flowers occur in summer.

Eucalyptus Leucoxylon-Megalocarpa(Large Fruited Yellow Gum)- A tree of variable growth, from a short compact tree to a medium tree with an erect trunk. Smooth yellow bark. Deep pink flowers occur from autum to winter.

Eucalyptus Leucoxylon-Rosea(Pink Flowered Yellow Gum)- A smaller form of leucoxylon with a more open form. Smaller flowers range from light pink to crimson occur in autumn to winter. Fantastic tree for driveways.

Eucalyptus Longicornis(Red Morrel)- A small to medium tree with an erect crown. Rough fibrous grey to dark brown bark shedding on the branches to smooth grey to salmon brown bark. Shiny narrow deep green leaves. White flowers in summer.

Eucalyptus Loxophleba-Lissophlora (Smooth Barked York Gum)- A small multi stemmed tree with smooth coppery coloured bark and a branching canopy. Gloss foliage and white flowers appering spring to summer. This specie is the preferred specie used for oil mallees, carbon credit planting and biofuel.

Eucalyptus Maculata (Spotted Gum)- A large tree, very straight trunk, light creamy bark with green blotches, dark green glossy leaves and white flowers in dense clusters from winter to spring.

Eucalyptus Marginata (Jarrah)- From a small stunted tree to a tree with large straight trunk and open spreadng canopy. Brown grey fibrous bark, dark green leaves, creamy white flowers appear spring to summer.

Eucalyptus Nicholii (Narrow Leaved Peppermint)- A neat compact tree. Rough fibrous grey bark and fine green to blue leaves, peppermint scented when crushed. Creamy white flowes in autumn.

Eucalyptus Nutans(Red Flowering Moort)- Normally a low growing bushy mallee. Smooth dark brown bark. Glossy thick leaves, pink to red flowers occurring in spring.

Eucalyptus Occidentalis (Flat Topped Yate)- A medium tree with a straight trunk and spreading canopy. Rough grey bark on trunk and branches, clean bark on upper branches. Cream yellow flowers occur autumn to winter. Great tree for salinity projects (mild tolerance)

Eucalyptus Patens(Blackbutt)- A medium to tall tree with an open spreading canopy. Rough fibrous dark grey bark. Blue green leaves. White flowers from spring to summer.

Eucalyptus Platypus (Coastal Moort)- Small tree, spreading limbs from a short trunk. Thick grey green rounded leaves. Yellow flowers occurring in spring to summer.

Eucalyptus Regnans (Mountain Ash)- A large tree with a fibrous collar and smooth bark above, with long strips of bark hanging down. Adult leaves large and falcate, with an uneven base.

Eucalyptus Rudis (Flooded Gum)- A medium tree with a short trunk of rough grey bark and spreading branches with dark leaves. Has white flowers in spring. As the name suggests can tolerate waterlogging

Eucalyptus Salicola (Salt Gum)- A medium tree of erect habit with smooth red brown bark, a crown of shiny leaves and cream white flowers. Similar to Salmon Gum.

Eucalyptus Saligna (Sydney Blue Gum)- A tall erect tree with rough peeling bark at the base and smoother grey bark above. Has a dense crown. White flowers occur summer to autumn.

Eucalyptus Salmonophloia (Salmon Gum)- An erect tree with smooth bark ranging from pale grey to salmon pink and a spreading crown of glossy green leaves. Orange bud caps, white flowers appear spring summer.

Eucalyptus Salubris (Gimlet)- An erect tree with a fluted trunk of smooth deep brown bark and an open crown of glossy dark green leaves. Has white flowers from summer to autumn.

Eucalyptus Sargentii (Salt River Gum)- A small tree with a short trunk of rough dark grey bark and a spreading crown of glossy dark green leaves. Has white flowers in spring.

Eucalyptus Sideroxylon-Rosea (Red Flowered Ironbark)- An erect trunk of furrowed dark brown to black bark and weeping spreading branches with an open crown of grey green leaves. Red pink flowers occur winter to summer.

Eucalyptus Spathulata (Swamp Mallet)- An erect tree, usually branching close to the ground, with smooth red brown bark and long narrow grey green leaves. White flowers from spring to summer.

Eucalyptus Viminalis (Manna Gum)- Medium to tall tree.. Attractive ribbon bark and smooth grey trunk. Dark green foliage. White flowers from Jan-May. For a wide range of fertile soils and conditions.

Eucalyptus Wandoo (White Gum)- An erect tree with smooth white to yellow bark and an open crown of pale green leaves. Has cream flowers from summer to autumn.

Kunzea Baxteri (Scarlet Kunzea)-A open spreading shrub with a dense crown of small dark green foilage edged with small white hairs. The deep red bottlebrush like flowers appear in spring.

Kunzea Ericifolia (Spearwood)- An erect shrub often multi-stemmed, with rough grey bark and a crown of pale green soft foliage. Has globular clusters of perfumed yellow flowers in spring.

Melaleuca Cuticularis (Saltwater Paperbark)- A tall shrub or tree with a distinct trunk of white papery bark and a narrow crown of twisted branches and fine leaves. Cream white flowers appear in spring to summer. Excellent tree for waterlogged and saline areas. One of the toughest Melaleuca for salinity projects

Melaleuca Ericifolia (Swamp Paperbark)- A large bushy shrub or small tree frequently creating thickets by suckering vigorously. The dark green foilage is linear. White flowers appear late spring to summer.

Melaleuca Lateriflora (Diamond Leaf Honey Myrtle)- A medium sized upright shrub with boadly obovate or spoon-shaped foliage. The white flowers are in globular clusters appear in late spring to summer.

Melaleuca Nesophila (Western Tea Myrtle)- A large bushy erect shrub with small broad stiff pale green leaves and a mass of mauve pink pom-pom flowers in summer to autumn.

Melaleuca Preissiana (Paperbark)- A small to medium tree with thick whitish papery bark and a bushy crown of small fine deep green leaves. Cream white flowers are borne spring to autumn.

Melaleuca Rhaphiophylla (Swamp Paperbark)- A bushy rounded tree or large shrub with a short trunk with papery white bark and fine needle like leaves. The profuse white flowers occur spring to summer.

Melaleuca Uncinata (Broombush, Broom Honey Myrtle)- A medium sized broom like shrub. The terete, rarely linear leaves are 1.5 to 6 cm long, with a distinct hooked tip. The cream or yellow flowers borne in dense globular flower cluster. They appear in spring.

Rhagodia preissil ( Green Saltbush)- Spreading shrub (600mm – 2.0m) Diverse soil types (sand dune – clay) Fodder for stock at certain times.

Atriplex Nummularia (Oldman Saltbush )- moderately drought tolerant (230 – 650mm) Source of fodder. Quick growing on wide range of soil types.

Atriplex Amnicola (Rivermore Saltbush )- moderately drought tolerant (230 – 550mm) Source of exceptional stock fodder. recover well after grazing. Tolerates waterlogging and saline soils.