PALS undertakes both machine and hand planting projects

Machine planting ensures trees are planted uniformly, at even spacing and within the water catchments profile left by the machine. This is essential in low rainfall zones where catchment profile and good compaction around the trees increases survival rates.

Hand planting is often used where the areas have been mounded and waterlogging is an issue. Hand planting ensures the profile of the mound is intact.


On this day we arrived on site at 7 am and the allocated tree species were loaded from the specialist tree trailer that carries over 40,000 trees, onto an open trailer, towed by a quad bike.

I advised the planting team on spacing, tree density and how many trees are to be planted on the specificsites.

The workers load bags with about 200 trees and I give a brief overview to the team about the specific job. In this case, stage one of establishing a proposed Moresby conservation park.

Each planter takes one row and loads a single tree into a tree shooter which is plunged into the soil and a lever pushed with the boot to drop and release the tree into the planting hole. A boot firm the soil around the root ball.

Everyone works as a team. If someone has run out of trees you complete your line, go back and help him finish.

The bike and trailer are progressively moved along the planting line so we don’t have to walk as far to restock bags with trees.

We have ‘smoko’ at 11am, lunch at 2pm and finish at about 5pm.

Each worker can plant 2,000 to 3,000 trees each day.

– Bill Davey