Specialised Tree Crop – Investment Diversification

Across the Great Southern region of WA there are patches of soil, which are not suitable for growing cereals. Many of these areas are suitable for tree crops.
The client’s farm in Tambellup had an unproductive grazing paddock. A woodlot of Jarrah was planted as a high grade specialised timber. Although Jarrah are a long term investment (30 years) the trees will add value to the property and will provide a high return as diminishing quantities of native Jarrah are taken from State forests.

Floral resource for the production of honey and honey by-products

Bremer Bay, West Australia

PALS was contracted to establish more-than 100 ha of high grade Leptospermum and other native flowering species which provide year-round flowering. The property is adjacent to more than 300 ha of native bushland along the SW coast of WA and this plantation extends the nectar-producing shrubs and trees available to apiarists.

Water courses that bisect the property were also revegetated with native trees and shrubs. This was done as a long-term barrier to rising water tables and to control sub soil moisture which run through the property to the pristine bush land and Crown Land.

PALS also wrote documents to obtain planning approvals, the fire management plan and plantation management plan which were required by the shire prior to works commencing.