Ever site is different, every landholder has different:

  • management techniques, whether it be crop rotations stocking levels or particular shire regulations
  • end objectives, what the revegetation or landcare project wants to achieve both in the short and long term.

All these are considered in choosing the correct revegetation or landcare technique.

It is so important to spend time with clients to fully understand how they run their business or what requirements are required by authorities. I carry out all the site assessments personally so that the client and I are on the same wavelength before the project commences.

With all recommendations I make sure that the proposed project integrates into the current management systems. My favourite quote is ‘the right tree in the wrong place is a weed.’

Site assessment will involve:

  • Soil type mapping/identification eg salinity levels.
  • Mapping of current and proposed fence lines and others services.
  • Recommending tree types to soil types to achieve the end objectives.
  • Site preparation techniques best suited for the soil type, rainfall and terrain.
  • Ensuring the proposed landcare project dovetails in with the current and our future paddock management options.
  • A detailed budget as to the costs to implement the project.
  • Likely financial returns if the project involves a commercial tree crop.
  • Scheduling as to when certain landcare operations will take place.