Grasshopper control over summer


Like any other crop they need maintain ace and with summer well underway it is important to keep check of insects. I have been spraying grasshoppers across the Christmas break, Don’t like using insecticides but sometimes there is no other way of control over a broad-acre type scenario. Grasshoppers have a 5 stage cycle and it is important  to identity where the hatchings are taking place and start your control program at this early stage.
Spraying the hatchings is  ultimate in control and the grasshoppers tend to concentrate on deep white sand under or near Red gums or Black Butt If trees have been damaged would recommend a water so the trees can push out new shoots.More information give me a call or email me Happy new year and lets hope we get text book rainfall events this year!!!

Tree bags help protect the trees from grasshoppers but also helps with the protection from herbicide when implementing post planting weed control