Foreshore rehabilitation  – Dandalup Springs

Wildness Pty Ltd contracted PALS to implement the revegetation and landscaping within their subdivision near North Dandalup. This involved strategic lot planting, living stream revegetation and the design and planting of the public open space (POS).

An additional project was the rehabilitation of the Dandalup River which flows through the subdivision. A detailed Foreshore Management Plan (FMP) was part of the conditions associated with the overall development. This FMP was prepared in conjunction with the Aboriginal land owners and the Shire of Murray environmental team.

Heavily weed infested grasses chocked the river system, (see pictures) the batter slopes and surrounding areas. Careful removal of the weeds and re-contouring of the batter slopes has created a clean area for the establishment of the freshly planted vegetation.

An extensive weed control program and mulching has supressed the regrowth of weeds. The revegetation zone was ripped and mounded

Assorted native trees shrubs reeds and sedges were planted across the winter months.